Affects of the Humans / Nonhuman Synthesis: How Engagement with Digital Networked Technology is Influencing Research.


The Digital Age is synthesizing humans with technology in an unprecedented way and at an alarming rate. Its convenience and ease of use makes it harder for the individual to not only recognize the extent and dependence that they have on technology but it becomes near impossible for the individual to embrace the long term consequences of these non-human elements. Researchers are increasingly integrated with digital networked technology and are dependent on them for sourcing and disseminating information but are they aware of the negative affects? Researchers should find this presentation of particular interest.

This paper looks at two ways in which the synthesized human/non-human elements affect the individual and society. Firstly, the very nature of the technology is explored highlighting the role of the synthesis and the way in which it affects society. Secondly, the nature of the technology-engaged human is discussed, demonstrating how the individual can amplify or gain control of this synthesis.

Understanding the power of digital networked technology has become vital as it is ubiquitously embedded in society in ways not yet understood. If researchers understand the synthesis they will be better able to resist or appropriate technology as situations demand.

Understanding is key to control.

NewMac Symposium
Saturday, 22nd February, 2014 University of Newcastle, Callaghan Campus

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