Grants and Funding

Having completed her PhD research into digital engagement, Diane is now examining avenues for continuing her research. Her research resulted in a framework for understanding the mechanism of digital engagement, which can be used in conjunction with her prototype instrument to not only identify an individual’s propensity to engage with technology but can also be used to train individuals to obtain better results through technology use.

Diane is open to exploring avenues for collaboration in the development of her framework as an online training system for improving self management of digital technologies in order to attain better business, academic or personal results. She is also open to discussions on collaboration with regard to the refinement and further testing of her prototype instrument.

Potential research partners could expect to see:

  • The development of tools and methods that are teachable
  • Enrich the wider community
  • Have considerable economic potential
  • Alter the way we teach, train, recruit and collaborate.

Like many professionals Diane supports the transparency of research funding and grants as a means to enhance equity.

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