Interesting findings from my research on digital engagement using second order cybernetics.

Millennial Transitions: The role of Values Part 2

Values are vital for millennials

Aim of the Transition Program The overarching goal of the institute is that student embody fundamental principles, or standards of behavior, that exemplify what is popularly considered important for encouraging personal growth and constructive social behavior. This particular institute embody the following values: Respect, Service, Responsibility, Friendship, Humility, Leadership, Enlightenment, Inclusion, Rigor, Attainment, and Engagement.

I received an email from someone very dear to me this morning that really grounded me and got my focus back to the real motivation of my research. She said… “– you should really start a blog using your knowledge gained from all these years of study doing your thesis combined with practical experience.  I think

Christmas break delayed the return of my results from the evaluation of my thesis but they are in and really good. There are only a few minor things to take care of but its all pretty straight forward. My only problem is that my supervisor has left Curtin, although she very kindly stayed on till

It’s in! I submitted my thesis on Friday night 21st October 2016. Unfortunately there were some admin issues related to the printing payment – some forms had not been passed on. However all was sorted out by Tuesday morning and I can now get some sleep. Its been a long road but worth it. As