Does using Technology expand your brain? When I began researching digital engagement I found there was an elusive element that could not completely be applied to commonly accepted theories. I consistently found that popular theories only partially explained what I was witnessing as digital engagement. I eventually came across cybernetics, which tends to be dismissed

Being ‘systems aware’ is important to your success. Click to download the article ‘Society, Systems and You!’ (283kb) Society is a system, made up of systems that are in themselves made of systems. Society is therefore a product of nested systems and increasingly these systems are being affected (disturbed) by technology. Like the grains of sand

Improving your system awareness starts with your senses. Try brushing your teeth with the hand you do not usually use. While you are doing this, focus on how you feel. This may include a sense of being unbalanced, uncoordinated or simply that you are not being effective in brushing your teeth. By focusing on how

Escher and Technology

Why the world looks crazy

Ever think the world has gone crazy? I have found that a good way to explain the inevitable confusion in trying to embrace the macro/micro perspectives that one needs when exploring human relationship with digital technology, is by using Maurits Escher’s lithograph Relativity as an analogy. In Escher’s drawing every focal point has internal consistency