Improve your system awareness – brush your teeth

Improving your system awareness starts with your senses.

Try brushing your teeth with the hand you do not usually use.

While you are doing this, focus on how you feel. This may include a sense of being unbalanced, uncoordinated or simply that you are not being effective in brushing your teeth.

By focusing on how you feel you will start the process of increasing your awareness of how an action affects you both physically and mentally. The deeper you delve into your feelings the more aware you will become of your actions and feelings as a unified system. The more times you repeat this exercise the more aware you will become of your capacity for behavioral learning. This will help when you implement behavioral learning through engagement with technology.

What you are doing is sensitizing yourself to the fact that you are both part of a system and simultaneously observing the system. This is second order cybernetics!

Second order cybernetics awareness is essential if you want to become fully engaged with digital technology

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