Feedback loops are everywhere! People use them for ordinary tasks like getting to work on time or complex tasks like fitting into society. Our ability to take feedback information in a constructive way can help us reach our objective more rapidly. More importantly our ability to manage technology to provide feedback information in a constructive

Everything is connected.  See for yourself! I was looking for recipe on the Net when I came across this uTube clip.  I was mesmerised by the three rattling skeletons as they gyrated in preparation for the music. As the singing started I noticed my focus changing to the fluidity of each independent figure but at

Being ‘systems aware’ is important to your success. Click to download the article ‘Society, Systems and You!’ (283kb) Society is a system, made up of systems that are in themselves made of systems. Society is therefore a product of nested systems and increasingly these systems are being affected (disturbed) by technology. Like the grains of sand

So just what IS the time? One of the early challenges to my research was understanding basic human concepts and how they are altered in the digital age. A key concept is time because time affects other concepts like memory or sense of self . I was watching a group of children playing the game “What’s