Conference abstracts and comments.

Newcastle University is set in pleasant surroundings and the organisers of the conference have done a wonderful job. What a pleasure to be there. The program is different to other conferences that I have attended because it has the keynote speakers and panel sessions interspersed between the parallel sessions. As a result there is a

The ANZCA preconference was well organised and most informative. A/Prof Inger Mewburn, known as The Thesis Whisperer, provided valuable insights for doctoral candidates about to move to the next level. Her comparison of commercial and academic job advertising, while being confronting, certainly explained the challenges facing doctoral candidates. Her concise and direct responses not only painted

What an awesome conference. I met some amazing people and had some challenging moments in my presentation. I learned a lot about trusting the group opinion rather than the individual. Learned a lot – will certainly try and attend one of their conferences again. Will certainly write a full paper for DOCAM.

Abstract Currently one of the most challenging social changes is where the previously least influential sector of society are becoming more important both in size and in their willingness to exert influence. These social trends are creating significant behavioral changes at the individual level. In addition to this digital networked technology is also altering individuals’