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  1. Behavior Evaluation Goals
  2. Behavior Evaluation Value Exchange

About Psychometric Tests

– All three surveys must be completed before your report can be complied

  • In self-evaluated Psychometric Tests the tests simply evaluate what you believe about yourself.
  • If you lie or elaborate the truth in answers, the results will be meaningless and this program will not help you.
  • If you answer truthfully about what you believe about yourself, you can be helped to mitigate identified weaknesses and build your strengths.


  • Do not over-think the answers.
    – High-achievers/high-IQ tend to be susceptible to over-thinking answers.
  • Select what immediately comes to mind as being the answer.
    – If you spend more than 10-15 seconds on an answer it is likely that you are over thinking it.
  • Remember there is NO right or wrong answer.
    – This evaluation simply indicates your behavioral development in certain environments.