• The other 3 surveys provide the the minimum number of psychometric tests required for the workshops.
  • However in the pilot program the extended set of questions was requested. This test provides the additional questions.
  • If you complete this survey as well you will have a more detailed profile of yourself and more comprehensive feedback can be obtained.
Behaviour Evaluation: EXTENDED
Amr1 Would never cheat on my taxes.
Csd10. Postpone decisions.
Amr2. Stick to the rules.
Csd3. Start tasks right away
Aa4. Love to help others.
Amr4. Use others for my own ends.
Amr5. Know how to get around the rules
Ac3. Hate to seem pushy.
Amr6. Cheat to get ahead.
Amr9. Take advantage of others
Aa1. Have a good word for everyone.
Aa2. Make people feel welcome.
Amr10. Obstruct others' plans.
Aa3. Anticipate the needs of others.
Cd10. Misrepresent the facts.
Aa5. Am concerned about others.
Aa7. Am indifferent to the feelings of others.
Ac8. Yell at people.
Aa8. Make people feel uncomfortable.
Aa9. Turn my back on others.
Aa10. Take no time for others.
Ac1. Am easy to satisfy.
Ac2. Can't stand confrontations.
Ac4. Get back at others.
Ac5. Have a sharp tongue.
Cd8. Get others to do my duties.
Ac6. Contradict others.
Aa6. Look down on others.
Ac9. Insult people.
Amr8. Pretend to be concerned for others.
Ac10. Hold a grudge.
Cd1. Try to follow the rules.
Cd2. Keep my promises.
Cd4. Tell the truth.
Ef6. Am hard to get to know.
Cd5. Listen to my conscience.
Ac7. Love a good fight.
Cd7. Break my promises.
Cd3. Pay my bills on time.
Oit4. Can handle a lot of information.
Cd9. Do the opposite of what is asked.
Ef1. Feel comfortable around people.
Nim8. Am able to control my cravings.
Ef2. Make friends easily.
Oit8. Have difficulty understanding abstract ideas.
Ef5. Cheer people up.
Amr3. Use flattery to get ahead
Ef7. Often feel uncomfortable around others.
Ef8. Avoid contacts with others.
Oit2. Love to read challenging material.
Cd6. Break rules.
Ef10. Keep others at a distance.
Oit1. Like to solve complex problems.
Ef4. Act comfortably with others.
Nim10. Never splurge.
Oit3. Have a rich vocabulary.
Nim6. Rarely overindulge.
Oit5. Enjoy thinking about things.
Ef9. Am not really interested in others.
Oit6. Am not interested in abstract ideas.
Ef3. Warm up quickly to others.
Oit10. Avoid difficult reading material.
Nim1. Often eat too much.
Nim2. Don't know why I do some of the things I do.
Nim3. Do things I later regret.
Nim4. Go on binges.
Nim5. Love to eat.
Oit9. Am not interested in theoretical discussions.
Nim7. Easily resist temptations.
Oit7. Avoid philosophical discussions.
Nim9. Never spend more than I can afford.
Csd1. Get chores done right away.
Csd2. Am always prepared.
Csd4. Get to work at once.
Csd5. Carry out my plans.
Csd6. Find it difficult to get down to work.
Csd7. Waste my time.
Csd8. Need a push to get started.
Csd9. Have difficulty starting tasks.