1. Behaviour Evaluation: Digital
Ti1 - I use technology for find answers to everyday problems. *
Ae1 - I usually ignore reminders that I have set on my technology. *
Scr1 - I justify things rather than simply offer an apology. *
Ti3 - Without the internet I would struggle to find solutions to problems. *
Te1 - Using technology is part of my normal behaviour. *
Ta2 - Technology gives me different ideas to solve everyday problems. *
Ai3 - I think things through before I act. *
Fw3 - The collective consciousness of technology has improved how I evaluate things. *
Scr2 - I can be demanding when I want something from others. *
Ta1 - Technology has created a way of relating to others that I can no longer do without. *
Ta3 - The value of technology is not in the device but rather in its connectedness. *
Fo2 - I am comfortable adjusting my behaviours to accommodate new technology. *
Scr3 - Some people feel I have an exaggerated sense of entitlement. *
Fo1 - Most people see things the same way that I do. *
Fw2 - Other people's opinions do not really affect my decision making. *
Fw1 - I usually consider new information before taking action. *
Scr4 - I find it easy to manipulate people to achieve what I want. *
Mg3 - I feel good when others click 'like'. *
Mg3 - I feel good when others click 'like'. *
Fa1 - I use technology to enhance and improve myself. *
Scr5 - I inspire people to achieve my plan. *
Fa2 - Technology does not really change my behaviours. *
Vi2 - I loose track of time when I am on the internet and end up not getting things done. *
Ai2 - I sense a dangerous situation before I can explain why it is dangerous. *
Fa3 - Ideas found online help me look at my life differently. *
Ae3 - I do things because people expect me to. *
Scr6 - I am not outgoing, and find it hard to talk to and open up quickly to others. *
Vr2 - I don’t really feel that I have to contribute on the internet *
Ai1 - People have said I’m addicted to the internet. *
Ae2 - Technology is changing the way I behave. *
Scr7 - What I am doing is important and entitles me make or bend rules if needed. *
Fo3 - I use information on the internet to challenge my ideas. *
Aa1 - Once I have made a decision I take action to implement it. *
Vi1 - I love the feeling I get when surfing from one website to the next. *
Aa2 - I regularly use technology to remind me to do things that I need to do. *
Ti2 - Technology just gives me other people’s views that I don't really need or use. *
Aa3 - I usually rethink my decisions before I act on them. *
Mg2 - Interacting online with others makes me feel good. *
Vi3 - I have more control of my feelings online. *
Scr8 - People’s first impression of me is that I am confident and charismatic. *
Te2 - Technology is not part of my routine family and personal tasks. *
Ve1 - I get irritated when people expect me to respond immediately on my smart phone. *
Ve2 - I get annoyed at the intrusiveness of my devices. *
Scr9 - When people are nice to me I am not suspicious of their motives. *
Ve3 - Getting likes and comments makes me want to post more. *
Me1 - The information I find online helps me live a better life. *
Vr1 - Aggressive behaviour on the internet takes me by surprise *
Vr3 - Social rules are different online. *
Me2 - I find help online to solve real world problems. *
Me3 - Without the internet I'd struggle to find my place in the world. *
Scr10 - I crave praise and recognition. *
Te3 – It’s quicker and easier to go online than try find another solution. *
Mf1 - The internet allows me to get what I want when I want. *
Mf2 - It’s a convenient way to find hard to get items. *
Mf3 - I save a lot of effort by avoiding real world retail. *
Mg1 - It bothers me when no-one comments on my posts. *