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Diane Spencer-Scarr

Diane Spencer-Scarr is doing doctoral research through Curtin University into the causes and consequences of digital network engagement. This research explores the relationship between personality, decision making and engagement with digital networked technology at both the individual and societal level. The urgency to understand why people engage differently increases exponentially as digital networked technology becomes ubiquitously embedded and a divide emerges between those who gain from their engagement and those who are undermined by it. From an artistic and educational background Diane switched to IT as a partner in a consulting business and became actively involved in various aspects of information technology. Activities include implementing information technology projects, developing enterprise application integration solutions (EAI) and liaising between clients and programmers providing IT solutions. Since 1999 Diane’s cyber entrepreneurial activities have lead to the launch of a number of online businesses. Diane has been an editor for The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society.

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