Web 2.0: Defining the Undefined or a New Social Order?

The term ‘Web 2.0’ emerged in 2004 simply as a marketing phrase for a conference to discuss post dotcom trends in the Internet. It became popular with the media to label something new that was as yet undefined. The term is mostly used in association with social applications it is however more complex. The term properly embraces emerging social trends of collaboration effecting social structures.This essay provides a historical outline of Web 2.0, how it is perceived by the media and academia. It looks at the deeper meanings such as the change in power interaction between participants and the contradictions in open information systems. This leads to evaluating its impact on society and role as an emerging social order. This essay is an open ended discussion on what has been, and muses over what possibly could be, considering the journey of Web 2.0 since July 2004.
Web 2.0: Defining the Undefined or a New Social Order? – ResearchGate. Available from: http://www.researchgate.net/publication/228319875_Web_2.0_Defining_the_Undefined_or_a_New_Social_Order [accessed Nov 2, 2015].


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