Shin bone connected to the knee bone…

Everything is connected.  See for yourself!

I was looking for recipe on the Net when I came across this uTube clip.  I was mesmerised by the three rattling skeletons as they gyrated in preparation for the music. As the singing started I noticed my focus changing to the fluidity of each independent figure but at that point I was not conscious of the message of the words.

As the song progressed two of the figures moved forwards and the back extending and contracting their arms thereby creating a relationship between the three figures and myself. These relationships made me (consciously or unconsciously) zoom in to specific aspects of their actions or to zoom out and embrace the whole clip. [Much like I describes in my Escher post]. As the movements progresses my cognitive brain started processing the message of the words.

…Heel bone connected to the ankle bone
Ankle bone connected to the shin bone
Shin bone connected to the knee bone …

Suddenly I was aware of the multiple nested systems that were creating my experience of this video clip.

My visual and audial systems primed my brain to receive the song’s message and the message primed my abstract constructs of my connected-internal-systems. I was suddenly experiencing this simple video clip on multiple levels. I was aware of the video clip as an object that I was observing but I was also increasingly aware of my heightened levels of positive bio-chemical responses that resulted from my observing the clip.

With the new level of awareness I seamlessly zoomed in and out, enjoying the fluidity of my connections within the clip and between the clip and my internal responses. This new level of awareness led to enhanced focus, an increase in positive feelings and an overall energy increase.

Now it is highly likely that another reader will not have the same response as me to this particular video clip because their triggers and motivations are different but it is certainly likely that they will have a similar type of response to something else.

If a person is able to recognise when they are responding to something and can identify their interacting systems, they can enhance the benefit they get from an experience. There are systems everywhere that trigger you!

Look for them.

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