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Everything you need to know

about participating as an anonymous user in our research projects

Why participate anonymously?

Several of the ongoing research projects being conducted contains information that is of a sensitive nature. As such we provide a means to participate in these projects through an anonymous user profile.


What does this mean?

Firstly you generate an anonymous user profile by using

How does it work?

Several of the ongoing research projects


What do I need to do next?

Several of the ongoing research projects


Anonymous User Generator

Anonymous User Generator

This form helps create an anonymous users details so that you can register on our system.

Please select from the drop down field which research project you are going to be participating in.
[this is how many siblings you recognize as being your siblings regardless of biological ties]
[this email address will be used to send you these details and will then be deleted from our system so it is not saved anywhere]

“A blockquote highlights important information, which may or may not be an actual quote. It uses distinct styling to set it apart from other content on the page.”

  • 1) create an anonymous user
  • 2) email yourself the login details
  • 3) login to the client area
  • 4) participate anonymoustly

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