3. Behaviour Evaluation: Action
Ia01 - Using my “gut feelings” usually works well for me in figuring out problems in my life. *
Ra07 - I’m not that good at figuring out complicated problems.
Ia03 - I trust my initial feelings about people.
Ia06 - I can usually feel when a person is right or wrong, even if I can’t explain how I know.
Ia07 - I don’t have a very good sense of intuition.
Ia08 - If I were to rely on my gut feelings, I would often make mistakes.
Ia09 - I suspect my hunches are inaccurate as often as they are accurate.
Ia10 - My snap judgments are probably not as good as most people’s. -
Ii01 - I like to rely on my intuitive impressions.
Ii02 - Intuition can be a very useful way to solve problems.
Ii03 - I often go by my instincts when deciding on a course of action.
Ri07 - I try to avoid situations that require thinking in depth about something.
Ri01 - I enjoy solving problems that require hard thinking.
Ii05 - I think there are times when one should rely on one’s intuition.
Ii06 - I don’t think it is a good idea to rely on one’s intuition for important decisions.
Ra09 - I am not a very analytical thinker.
Ii07 - I don’t like situations in which I have to rely on intuition.
Ia02 - I believe in trusting my hunches. *
Ri09 - Knowing the answer without having to understand the reasoning behind it is good enough for me.
Ii10 - I would not want to depend on anyone who described himself or herself as intuitive. -
Ia05 - I hardly ever go wrong when I listen to my deepest “gut feelings” to find an answer.
Ra01 - I have a logical mind.
Ra03 - I have no problem in thinking things through clearly.
Ra04 - I usually have clear, explainable reasons for my decisions.
Ra05 - Using logic usually works well for me in figuring out problems in my life.
Ii08 - I think it is foolish to make important decisions based on feelings.
Ra06 - I am not very good at solving problems that require careful logical analysis.
Ii04 - I tend to use my heart as a guide for my actions.
Ia04 - When it comes to trusting people, I can usually rely on my gut feelings.
Ra08 - Reasoning things out carefully is not one of my strong points.
Ra10 - I don’t reason well under pressure. -
Ri02 - I enjoy intellectual challenges.
Ri03 - I prefer complex to simple problems.
Ri04 - I enjoy thinking in abstract terms.
Ri05 - Learning new ways to think would be very appealing to me.
Ri06 - I don’t like to have to do a lot of thinking.
Ri08 - Thinking hard and for a long time about something gives me little satisfaction.
Ii09 - I generally don’t depend on my feelings to help me make decisions.
Ra02 - I am much better at figuring things out logically than most people.
Ri10 - Thinking is not my idea of an enjoyable activity.