Underpinned by a second order cybernetic philosophy Dr Diane Spencer-Scarr has developed an understanding of the complex relationship between human and digital networked technology and its influence on individuals and social development. Diane spends her time researching, writing, and on speaking engagements. Recently she has taken a sabbatical to lay the groundwork for her new area of interest that extends her early research into challenges facing education, entry and exit from the workforce, and exploration of philosophical and ethical elements necessary for navigation through the 21st century.

With the groundwork now in place, Diane is once again open to take on projects or contracts. Remaining independent in the workforce enables her to observe individual and social issues in her areas of interest as experienced by real people in real time allowing her to explore objectively without the influence of affiliation agenda.

Prior to her sabbatical Diane completed a research contract with the Australasian College of Road Safety. The project was part of the Australian government National Careers Institute Partnership Grants program. The objective was to develop an understanding of why women were not sufficiently represented in the road safety industry. The research involved mixed methods and was conducted in collaboration with Monash University. The outcome of the research can be viewed at https://acrs.org.au/careers/career-pathways-women-road-safety/.

Prior to that Diane ran Professional Development workshops and conducted research on transitioning the Alpha generation to the workforce, for students at the prestigious St Andrew’s College within the University of Sydney.

About Diane

Life is about learning and adapting

Diane is passionate about the concept of lifelong learning and the continued growth and development of the individual through adaptation. As such she continues to research and develop her ideas and views. This is reflected in her updated website. Which moves away from the more traditional career-oriented website or personal reflective journal-log to a free flowing and evolving website structured by ‘interest-areas’. This is more in line with the digital age where ‘attractor centres’ or ‘nodes’ have connections which grow or diminish depending on relevance and use to the wider system.

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Meet Diane

A long time ago, half a world away, Diane was heavily involved in theatre. It should therefore come as no surprise that engaging with the public to share her research is very much a part of her “joie de vivre”. After all it is through interacting with others that we can best shape and grow our ideas.

Based on her academic research Diane is happy to give presentations, workshops, training, or conduct evaluations related to the possibilities and pitfalls of digital engagement, for individuals, businesses and organisations.

An outcome of her research resulted in the development of programs and evaluations that specifically target challenges facing the ‘Alpha Generation’ (those born around or after 2000) entering the workforce and navigating social demands.

Feel free to contact Diane to discuss your needs or concerns. Look here for offerings or search the site by keyword. Cost: free to custom solution.

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Becoming digitally-engaged…

Do you feel like technology is taking the lead in your life? Does it all seem too much and out of your control? Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference.

Becoming digitally-engaged…

Do you feel like technology is taking the lead in your life? Does it all seem too much and out of your control? A single drop on a pond can cause ripples that reach the shores. So to can a single piece of information. It can actively change how you engage with technology and that will have far reaching consequences.

Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference.

How can you help yourself?

In order to help others build their awareness of digital-engagement Diane offers a variety of resources. From helpful tips and reflective insights through to eBooks and online evaluations. There are opportunities for anyone to take charge of their relationship with technology for free so that they can fully embrace all that the future has to hold in the 21st Century.

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