Millennial Transitions: The role of Values Part 2

Values are vital for millennials

Aim of the Transition Program The overarching goal of the institute is that student embody fundamental principles, or standards of behavior, that exemplify what is popularly considered important for encouraging personal growth and constructive social behavior. This particular institute embody the following values: Respect, Service, Responsibility, Friendship, Humility, Leadership, Enlightenment, Inclusion, Rigor, Attainment, and Engagement.

The Iowa Gambling Task, demonstrated human’s capacity to know something before they are consciously or logically aware of it. In this experiment there were four decks of cards, two black and two red. These were presented face down and the player was given $2000 play money. The object of the exercise was for the participant

Feedback loops are everywhere! People use them for ordinary tasks like getting to work on time or complex tasks like fitting into society. Our ability to take feedback information in a constructive way can help us reach our objective more rapidly. More importantly our ability to manage technology to provide feedback information in a constructive

Does using Technology expand your brain? When I began researching digital engagement I found there was an elusive element that could not completely be applied to commonly accepted theories. I consistently found that popular theories only partially explained what I was witnessing as digital engagement. I eventually came across cybernetics, which tends to be dismissed

Download the following Article to see how technology presents as both the solution and the problem. Download the Article ‘Technology Solution or Problem?’ (515kb) Sadly, most of those who are victims of technology are not even aware that it is a problem. And many of those who have found the solution have implemented the solution so