General comments related to my research journey into digital engagement.

Christmas break delayed the return of my results from the evaluation of my thesis but they are in and really good. There are only a few minor things to take care of but its all pretty straight forward. My only problem is that my supervisor has left Curtin, although she very kindly stayed on till

It’s in! I submitted my thesis on Friday night 21st October 2016. Unfortunately there were some admin issues related to the printing payment – some forms had not been passed on. However all was sorted out by Tuesday morning and I can now get some sleep. Its been a long road but worth it. As

Newcastle University is set in pleasant surroundings and the organisers of the conference have done a wonderful job. What a pleasure to be there. The program is different to other conferences that I have attended because it has the keynote speakers and panel sessions interspersed between the parallel sessions. As a result there is a

What an awesome conference. I met some amazing people and had some challenging moments in my presentation. I learned a lot about trusting the group opinion rather than the individual. Learned a lot – will certainly try and attend one of their conferences again. Will certainly write a full paper for DOCAM.

Been asked to give a talk at the Mensa workshop at University of Technology (Sydney) on how my research can be used to enhance intelligence. This should be interesting as it will be held after the regular Mensa testing so a lot of potential members will be there. Looking forward to some challenging questions and

The Fifteenth Humanities Graduate Research Conference 12 – 14 November 2014, Curtin University, Perth Feeling a little down – I have decided that I should not attend the conference as my offline time has set me back re my thesis. I am having to work overtime to make up the missed 6 months. The pressure is all self