2. Behaviour Evaluation: Real World
N03 - Am often down in the dumps.
O10 - Tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
N06 - Rarely get irritated.
A05 - Make people feel at ease.
N07 - Seldom feel blue.
N08 - Feel comfortable with myself.
N09 - Am not easily bothered by things.
E05 - Know how to captivate people.
A01 - Have a good word for everyone.
N01 - Often feel blue. *
A03 - Respect others.
A07 - Cut others to pieces.
E08 - Would describe my experiences as somewhat dull.
C05 - Make plans and stick to them.
A08 - Suspect hidden motives in others.
O04 - Carry the conversation to a higher level.
A09 - Get back at others.
N02 - Dislike myself. *
A10 - Insult people.
E01 - Feel comfortable around people.
A02 - Believe that others have good intentions.
E02 - Make friends easily.
E04 - Am the life of the party.
A06 - Have a sharp tongue.
E06 - Have little to say.
N04 - Have frequent mood swings.
E09 - Don't like to draw attention to myself.
E10 - Don't talk a lot.
O01 - Believe in the importance of art.
E03 - Am skilled in handling social situations.
C10 - Shirk my duties.
O02 - Have a vivid imagination.
E07 - Keep in the background.
O03 - Tend to vote for liberal political candidates.
N10 - Am very pleased with myself.
C07 - Find it difficult to get down to work.
O07 - Do not like art.
O08 - Avoid philosophical discussions.
O05 - Enjoy hearing new ideas.
C01 - Am always prepared.
C02 - Pay attention to details.
N05 - Panic easily.
C03 - Get chores done right away.
C04 - Carry out my plans.
C06 - Waste my time.
O09 - Do not enjoy going to art museums.
C08 - Do just enough work to get by.
A04 - Accept people as they are.
O06 - Am not interested in abstract ideas.
C09 - Don't see things through.